In our production hall in the Black Forest are several machines responsible for the embroidery on caps and hats.

Through the “Flachstick” we can show finer details. The “Flachstick” is embroidered directly on the cap fabric and is virtually not raised. It forms almost a level with the Capstoff. The “Flachstick” is particularly suitable for typefaces.

The logo embroidery offers numerous possibilities to provide your cap with a stick logo. Again, a special embroidery file will be created from your motif. The process of logo embroidery is quite expensive and produces high quality results for your club or football team.

The supreme discipline among the cap finishes is the “3D-Stick”. Caps with “3D-Stick” look very noble and have a plastic effect. When embroidering soft foam is underlined, what the machine then embroiders. Thus, the stick gains height and looks three-dimensional.

With style your cap, there is no minimum order value. You can already embroider your desired motif on a single cap or hat. Of course, we also produce large quantities, for example, if you want to embroider caps or hats for your club or your circle of friends.

In principle, everything is possible except photographs. We embroider different caps and hats with real embroidery, as flat stick or something higher quality than “3D-Stick”. As a motif, we embroider lettering, logos or other designs.

You can pay your embroidered cap or hat with us the way you like it best. We offer you the following options: secure payment via PayPal, and prepayment / bank transfer.

Once your order is completed, you will conveniently receive an invoice via email. Also in the delivery box of your order is again an invoice.